by EXXONMOBIL Malaysia

ExxonMobil Corporation has been one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies since 1999.  The company is well known for its services as an energy provider and chemical manufacturer which develops and applies next-generation technologies to fulfil the world’s growing demand for energy and high-quality chemical products. As a result, ExxonMobil is the most sought-after job placement among job seekers and interns for internships due to its popularity in the industry. Hence, TVEX 4.0 invited speakers from ExxonMobil to share more on their team member’s job scope, plans and ways for job seekers to join this prominent company. 

Miss Patricia Lopez shared the three primary departments open for job seekers, such as the upstream, downstream and global services. The main talents for upstream and downstream are mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers and technicians, while information technology specialists are required for international services. Furthermore, the speaker shared the professional apprenticeship and learning program (Pinnacle), a training program designed to hone and sharpen fresh undergraduates with the necessary skill required by ExxonMobil. Those who complete this training course will be able to join the company as permanent employees. Other than that, interns who have the skills and talents could apply for an internship in this well-known company. Those intrigued to know more about Exxon Mobil open job position head over to their website on https://jobs.exxonmobil.com/ to learn more.


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