In the current world, technology mainly replaces the workforce in labor jobs as it is safer and more efficient. As a result, technology evolved significantly, causing graduates and job seekers to be concerned about the increasing number of jobs being replaced. Even if you have a wide set of skills and qualifications, but are not up to date with the current emerging job opportunities, it may take you quite some time to find your ideal work. This week TVEX 4.0 features Ms. Lim Kim Taan and Ms. Suriza Hing Abdullah from BizAcademia who enlightened the participants on the most up-to-date developing jobs on the market.

Ms. Kim highlighted the importance of having soft skills that demonstrate your leadership abilities as well as technology-based competencies in which increase your chances of landing a job. Ms. Suriza, on the other hand, emphasized how companies value candidates with software expertise that can be used in whatever field of the industry you interviewed for. Ms. Kim clarified how BizAcademia strives to upskill its trainees with skills that are relevant to the needs of the industry. The majority of their trainees have grown to be very successful people with exceptional talents and credentials. 

If you are interested in upscaling your talents with BizAcademia, do visit their website at and connect with Ms. Lim Kim Taan and Ms. Suriza Hing Abdullah on LinkedIn for further inquiries.


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