by Digital Nasional Berhad

Interview sessions are critical in obtaining a job or internship placement because applicants must demonstrate that they are the greatest fit for the role. Therefore, the interviewees must be prepared to face the interviewers and tackle the frequently asked questions, as mentioned by Ms. Anjali Anand from Digital Nasional Berhad.

The webinar started by focusing on interviewees’ common mistakes during interviews, such as developing replies without thoroughly listening to the questions. Ms. Anjali, who has years of experience in recruiting people, suggested a very efficient strategy to prevent us from forgetting our points by making the answer shorter and structuring it well, such as listing all the main points first before continuing to elaborate.

The session continued with concentrating on the ten most frequently asked questions during interviews. When answering for the most significant achievement, one of the most notable tips was to use the STAR method. The strategy is beneficial since it assists interviewers in properly structuring their responses. Overall, Ms. Anjali emphasizes that honesty is the best policy as being yourself during interviews is critical in determining our suitability for the job. Take note of these suggestions and put them to good use in order to improve your interviewing skills and increase your chances of securing a job!

If you are still having trouble and want further advice on how to ace your interview, contact the speaker via LinkedIn at Good luck!


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