by KPMG Malaysia

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, career preparation and job searching strategies have changed. It is difficult to adapt to the new normal where we do not have the luxury of speaking with our interviewer face to face. Thus, technology has been utilized as an alternative in many areas. Interns and job seekers might benefit from similar skills and knowledge for career preparation and job search strategies. They do, however, need to be polished and updated according to the current values set by industries’ needs.

This webinar was delivered by Mr. Anil Nair, Lead Consultant, Talent Management from KPMG Malaysia. During the webinar, Mr. Anil briefly goes through the important values industries are looking for in interns and fresh graduates, the basic etiquette of an interview, communication skills across levels at your future workplace, and many more. Other than that, he mentioned that going for an internship is one of the ways to secure your connection for future job placement once you graduate from the university. As a fresh graduate with many working experiences, competing with one another will trap you in a fierce competition in which someone may have a higher qualification than you and vice versa. Mr. Anil emphasizes on when addressing work-related matters, everyone must communicate in a respectful and formal manner, as this will reflect on the individual’s level of professionalism. Lastly, he encouraged us to never give up, even if our dream is not as great as anyone else’s. Who knows what future employers are looking for and one day that could be you!

We hope this session provided you valuable insight and if you are keen to kickstart your career with KPMG, you may connect with the speaker on LinkedIn at Remember big dreams and wise strategies will lift you higher!


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