by Ms. Shaheera Qistina Sharmizan & Mr. Nihel Dashreth K.Rajan

Going for an internship and receiving an ‘A’ for your SIIP may appear difficult due to the extensive preparations required! TVEX 3.0 were thrilled to have such distinguished guests which were Ms. Shaheera Qistina and Mr. Nihel Dashreth to share about their internships’ tips and tricks, from the application processes to the journey of being an intern themselves!

Ms. Shaheera Qistina and Mr. Nihel Dashreth gave insights on how to find a good internship and recommended that everyone should consult their course mapping mentors, as well as seniors using their SIIT as a guide. In terms of platforms, Ms. Shaheera Qistina recommended taking your experiences to the next level, noting that maintaining contact with the human resources departments of well-known companies is critical when applying for internships. She went on to say that before applying, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the company and pay particular attention to general information of the companies such as their current CEO and job scopes.

Mr. Nihel Dashreth suggested to utilise multiple job portals and social media platforms out there such as LinkedIn, Telegram, and GlassDoor to learn more about companies and search for internship opportunities. He stressed the need of having your resume prepared and reviewed as soon as possible. He also advises the participants to be grateful for any internship placement, even if they are unrelated to your major.

Ramp up your future career and apply these tips from the speakers. Best of luck in your future pursuits to all internship seekers. For more advice, you may reach out and connect with the speakers on LinkedIn.


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