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If you’re feeling uncertain about your career pathway as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, not to worry as it common to feel this way as unexpected events may lead us to ask big questions that we may not know the answers to. This includes rethinking on your career choices. Here are some career suggestions to consider during these tough times, exclusively given by our generous speaker, Mr Mohamad Nazir Ismail from CIMB.

The first step is getting your “pitch” right. This acts as a way to promote yourself to employers out there. Your story plays an important role in boosting and establishing your career, since it distinguishes you from your competitors. Your personal branding should highlight your key strengths, qualifications and experiences throughout your life, and not to forget your skillset that you think would grasp the recruiters’ attention towards your resume. 

The second aspect is showcasing your “pitch” to be presented in the online world. With the current pandemic getting in line, most of our daily tasks are shifted towards an online basis and this includes talent acquisition by recruiters. You may begin your online presence by creating a strong base in LinkedIn in order to assist you in your job searching journey. Mr Mohammad Nazir also mentioned that using your own profile photo increases the chances of your profile to be viewed by up to 14%. You may also use the available Recommendations and Experience tabs to enhance your visibility among trending employers out there. Not to forget, LinkedIn also keeps you updated with the current trend in the job market and industry news. 

Mr Mohammad Nazir also discussed about tips and tricks on how to ace your virtual interviews with your future recruiters. While online interviews are similar to traditional ones, they do have some major aspects that you need to take into account. It is always a good idea to do a practice recording as well as testing your audio and sound capabilities to ensure that the interview runs smoothly. He also mentioned about getting well prepared for your interview by rehearsing and practicing with commonly asked questions prior to the interview. 

Mr Muhammad Zaki Khalid took the lead in the second part of the session where he shared his experience in being a part on one of CIMB’s graduate associate programs, which is The Complete Banker Digital or commonly known as TCB Digital. This program alongside TCB and CIMB Fusion are exclusively catered for talented fresh graduates to create their own opportunities in banking and beyond. Mr Muhammad Zaki mentioned that this once in a lifetime experience has taught him more than he could ever imagine and every day was a learning process in improving himself as a better individual in the industry. 

For more information about career opportunities in CIMB, you may visit their website at or get connected with the speaker through LinkedIn at Mohamad Nazir Ismail and Zaki Khalid


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