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by Schlumberger


Mr Jim a.k.a Mr Han Jim Chua, Schlumberger’s South East Asia Recruiting & University Relations Manager, explained why one should work in Schlumberger relating to his own experiences in Professional Learning & Development, Borderless Careers and Early Responsibility, allowing one to continuously learn and grow. The tagline of the session “#DareToDiscover” itself gives the meaning for students to daringly come out of their comfort zones, and be daring to move to the next phase in life.

Mr Jim laid out five key behavioral aspects that one should possess in any stage of their career journey. They are Commitment, Integrity, Drive, Teamwork and New Normal. 

Working in a performance-based company like Schlumberger requires one to always have the mentality of continuous improvement. Mr Jim emphasizes that as a full-time student, our primary responsibility is to perform academically. On the other hand, compensating with experience and responsibility from extracurricular activities is also appreciated when looking for a potential employee. Moving on to the third point, one must possess a driven spirit to achieve more that what others expect to achieve. To put it simply, one should not be complacent with their current status. 

As for Teamwork, communication between co-workers and superiors is important to achieve objectives together. Schlumberger acclaims that they have reached 40% gender diversity amongst the new recruits of 2019, highly contrary to most oil and gas-based industries which are male oriented. The final point of his top 5 behavioral aspects is New Normal. One most be adaptive and kept up to date on whatever that is going on around. It is one’s responsibility to be adaptive and learn as much as possible on their own. 

When attending interviews, Mr Jim encourages candidates to do their homework by researching about the respective organization. A tip from him was for candidates to explain about one’s experience by pointing out the situation, task, action and result. Following up on one’s application brings no harm as it may even increase the chances of one to be noticed and hired. 

Joining Schlumberger also exposes employees to their structured learning program which helps to kickstart their career. This program contains access to mentors, resources and databases.

For more information about Schlumberger, you may visit them on Instagram, or visit their website at https://www.slb.com.



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