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by Seadrill


An interview is the most crucial part of the recruitment process. Even if you have been to numerous interviews, these interviews never seem to get any easier. A few representatives from Seadrill have shared a number of useful tips and tricks that can help you in acing your interviews in the future. The panel discussion was facilitated by Mr Jeremiah Estorque and accompanied by Ms Zimi Umunna and Ms Genie Nguyen as the panelists.

Ms Genie shared a list of tips that the participants should take into account in preparing for their interview. First and foremost, it is always great to do a thorough research about the company that you’re applying for. By knowing what the products and services that the company offers, their current news or updates and having an overall idea of the company’s strategy may demonstrate how interested you are in the company itself. This will ensure that you have a clear overview on what you’re getting yourself into. Not to forget that this tip will also help you in crafting questions to ask of your own at the end of the session. Apart from that, Ms Genie also mentioned that all candidates need to prepare their own story to sell to the interviewer by drafting it out and having your resumé as your reference. Mr Jeremiah added that interviewers are not solemnly focusing on just technical knowledge, but they also look for the candidates’ fitness in their company or organization. With that, it is important to highlight your skills that you think would fit yourself in the company when you share your story.

The session was continued with some guidelines for candidates to follow on the interview day itself. 

“Groom for Success” is the phrase that all candidates need to put in mind, as per mentioned by Ms Zimi. Make sure that your attire is appropriate and suits the company’s dress code as this acts as a first impression to your interviewer. She mentioned that having an online interview does not gives you the opportunity to not dress appropriately. Your attire will set your mind on how important it is for you to ace this interview. Next, it is proven that arriving on time would help in acing your interviews as you would not be in a rush and add unnecessary nervousness. During the interview, candidates are encouraged to stay calm and let some personality in when answering the interviewer’s questions. Apart from that, you can also try applying the STAR technique in giving concise answers in your interview, which includes these four elements: Situation, Tasks, Action and Results.

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