Get Yourself Noticed by Employers

by Intel Malaysia


Mr. Alex Goon, the HR Campus Program Manager of Intel Malaysia, had his sharing with students in the Career Webinar: “Get Yourself Noticed by Employers”. He shared some tips and tricks in getting the attention of employers. He divided a job hunter’s career pathway into three main stages in this session.

The first stage is “Job Seeker”. Mr. Alex advised job seekers to prepare their personal catalogue and résumé as early as possible, and customized for the specific company that they are applying for. He also encouraged students to start building and updating their LinkedIn profile to search for potential employees. In addition, Mr. Alex also emphasized on common mistakes that job seekers usually make while creating their résumés.

The second stage is “Interviewee”. Mr. Alex said that it is always better for an interviewee to do research on the company beforehand via online resources or approaching the seniors who have interned and worked at the company. After applicants are called for an interview, employers are not only focusing on assessing their technical knowledge, but also looking for non-technical abilities such as personal strengths, competency, language proficiency, communication and other soft skills.

The third stage is “Employee”. Congratulations! You are now hired as an employee! Mr. Alex advised employees to plan their career ladder, actively network around and to take initiatives to handle events and projects to increase your visibility in the eye of the management, for future mutual career benefits. Besides that, a person needs to always be trustworthy, reliable, and accountable at any time, to open more opportunities for the employee. He also reminded us to have fun while working and show your passion.

Working at Intel also allows you to join interesting social clubs such as Chess Club, Wing Chun Kung Fu Club, Football Club, Hiking Club, Music Band Club, Pokémon Go Club and many more!

Few key takeaways from Mr. Alex to all participants are to broaden networks, be diligent and serious when working, always have a strong plan before executing and always have a positive mindset.

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