Organized by the Student Support Services Department (SSSD) in Collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), this year marks the 19th anniversary of Technology, Education and Career (TEC). Throughout the excellent 19 years, TEC had witnessed a steady increase in the number of participating companies and organizations nationwide, mainly in the oil and gas industry.

Apart from that, TEC has been established as a firm connection between the students and companies in an effort of producing a win-win situation for both parties. With the theme of “Trailblazing Talents”, TEC 2019 pledge to contribute a medium with variety of career opportunities for the graduates and lead them to success as well as creating new and even better perspectives of future career world for graduates.


1) Provide platform for students especially graduates to obtain experience of being interviewed and thus expose them to proper procedures in job applications.

2) Encourage students towards achieving academic excellence through various educational programs.

3) To equip graduates with skills needed for local and international job market

4) To expose the real scenario of working life so that student will always be ready to face all those challenges.