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KPMG Talent Engagement Consultant, Mr. Mohammad Uqail Esa, had plenty in store for the attendees in his insightful sharing session on Friday. He highlighted various components throughout the basics of stress management and balancing one’s work life.

For starters, the speaker began by defining the term ‘stress’ itself. To put it simply, he pointed out that stress itself can be defined in many ways as it means differently to everyone. While some may refer to stress as excessively demanding workloads, others may perceive different elements such as emotional and mental fluctuations as stress too. Regardless of whatever form stress takes, it is vital to remain composed and find the best way to manage their stress. If one fails to do so, it may result in most, if not all, of the many consequences as underlined by the speaker. For instance, one may experience Burnout Syndrome as they start to feel exhausted and numb in completing their tasks. As such, the speaker also presented various ways of managing stress, one of them being having to develop foundational skills such as better time management and practising better empathy.

Another segment within Mr. Mohammad Uqail’s session was regarding work-life balance. He helped define and pointed out the many ways in maintaining a healthy work-life, including setting a working goal for oneself and gauging one’s capabilities in performing tasks to avoid overexertion. Moreover, the speaker also followed up with a segment in highlighting KPMG’s initiatives in maintaining the overall welfare of their employees, which is through the ‘KPMG Wellbeing 360 Programmes’. This series of programmes include health talks, fitness classes, and Employee Assistance Programmes, which aim to build a conducive work environment and healthy relations between employees.

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