by Mr. Sunil Hasmukharay and Mr. Zamri Abdullah

Mr. Sunil Hasmukharay, Chief Strategist of HC Consultant Group, with his sharing module entitled “Build Your Career Roadmap”. Nowadays, it is almost impossible for fresh graduates to have working experiences other than an internship or any related part-time job related to the position applied. Thus, curricular experiences are the ones that will help the candidates credibility towards the applied career. On the other hand, Mr. Sunil also shared common mistakes made by candidates, such as demanding benefits and a higher salary when you have zero experience in the work field, poor command of the English language, and lack of communication skills.

Moving on to the second module sharing titled “Designing Your Future” by Mr. Zamri Abdullah, a Manager, Technopreneurship Office For Student Development Universiti Teknologi Petronas. Mr. Zamri shared the importance of soft skills in promoting ourselves to the company that we applied to. Furthermore, to boost participants’ spirit in obtaining soft skills, Mr. Zamri shared with us students that had been successfully created their brand and label, all thanks to their courageous and soft skills. From the session, it is crucial to maximize the facilities we have in our universities, to gain more experiences and learn more to be knowledgeable graduates. 

A big round of applause to all participants for joining this special webinar! Remember always to reach out and learn something new as it will benefit us in the future. You can Connect with our speaker for this webinar through LinkedIn, Mr Sunil ( and Mr. Zamri ( To explore more HC Consultant Group click on link (  and UTP Technopreneurship head on to Utp Techno Facebook ( Don’t forget to head on our websites for the upcoming webinars


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