As of the recent acquisition of Omnova Solutions in 2020, Synthomer has expanded its horizons while still maintaining its standing as a major player in the polymer supply industry. Since its establishment, the company has managed to effectively meet clients’ needs all over the globe.

Mr. Ng Yat Seng began the webinar by introducing Synthomer Malaysia and discussing the job opportunities available through Synthomer’s Asian Graduate Programme (SynGP). According to Mr. Ng Yat Seng, Synthomer is a chemical company that provides raw materials to other companies in order for them to create a new product in essential industries. This consists of making polymers that help customers improve the performance of existing products in industries including coatings, construction, textiles, and synthetic latex gloves. We have Ms. Nureen Aisyah, who had been a participant in SynGP, who shared her experience as well. Ms. Nureen held a Chemical Engineering degree, but after completing the program, she embarked on a new and different career path in the commercial field. She emphasized that being a part of SynGP will provide you with a permanent position within the company. In addition, you will get the opportunity to work on a major project, receive expert advice, and travel abroad.

If you are keen to kick start your journey with Synthomer Malaysia, you may browse their website at


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