by Career Cube

A video résumé summarises a job applicant’s experience, qualifications, and interests, to be submitted to their prospective recruiters in a video format. The main advantage of a video résumé is that it allows potential job seekers to demonstrate their public speaking, interpersonal, creative, and technical skills to their potential employer in a way that a text-only résumé could not.

On TVEX 4.0, Mr. Nik Akmal from Career Cube shared his experience as a career consultant on how job seekers create their video résumé, which fulfills today’s requirements. The speaker’s important tip was to produce an engaging and meaningful video résumé that highlights the job seeker’s experiences to attracts the recruiter’s attention. Job applicants are advised to take images or videos of their accomplishments, since this may serve as proof for recruiters to verify. Mr. Nik Akmal emphasized that the video should be brief, lasting no more than 150 seconds or 2 minutes and 45 seconds. This is due to the fact that recruiters must also filter through hundreds, if not thousands, of other candidates as well. Based on an example video résumé provided during the webinar, the speaker emphasized the mistakes and improvements that candidates should take note of.

We hope this webinar could guide future job seekers to create a good and impactful video résumé. Step up your game in being outstanding on your applications in the job market by having a video résumé! To discover more about video résumé tips and tricks, connect with the speaker on LinkedIn at


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