by Ms. Sabariah Omer Farouk

The Student Industrial Internship Program (SIIP) is a credited program developed by UTP for all undergraduate students to expose themselves to various sectors to acquire valuable job skills and gain experience with the help of industry experts. SIIP works in tandem with UTP’s aim to develop more well-rounded graduates who possess the necessary technical and social competencies to enable them to overcome challenges throughout their careers. According to Ms. Sabariah, internship placements can be discovered through online job portals, company websites, LinkedIn, and virtual career fairs. Students can directly visit a company’s job website to know more about the internship openings and applications.

Ms. Sabariah stated that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a resume. However, it is advisable to make one’s resume as appealing as possible and have it checked by few people. Apart from that, Ms. Sabariah discussed on how to draft an email when applying for an internship. She highlighted that our documents should be attached to one email rather than sent separately, as this could give the company a negative impression of us. She advised students to compile a list of common and uncommon interview questions that employers might ask as it is crucial to practice before an interview and practice makes perfect! Lastly, she shared how to accept and decline internship offers. Students need to always think before accepting an offer to avoid any second thoughts and to find the most ideal internship placement for them to achieve their goals.  If you decide to decline an offer, always respond as soon as possible, explain why, be professional, and most importantly, be grateful!

For more internship guidance, resume reviews, and career advice, you may reach out to UTP’s Career Development Office at or personally contact Ms. Sabariah and Ms. Roslina Nordin to schedule a one-to-one consultation session.


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