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Choosing a career path is an excellent approach to begin your career and gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to find gratifying yet enjoyable work. However, it is well known to be a daunting task for many as people’s career paths are quite lengthy and winding, with many stops, detours, and decisions along the way.

Public Bank operates in approximately 264 and 148 regional and foreign branches, respectively. Ms. Sherine Lam, Public Bank’s Assistant Manager of Human Capital Management, provided insight into the various career pathways offered at Public Bank while highlighting the need of aligning oneself with our own professional ambitions. The speaker emphasised the perks of becoming a management trainee, such as engaging in several programmes and being accredited by reputable institutes such as AICB, CUTE, and CEILI. Ms. Sherine Lam thoroughly described all of the job scopes of the several departments in the internship programme in the context of the PBB internship programme.

All Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply for their internship programme. Therefore, if you are a Malaysian citizen looking for career or internship opportunities in Public Bank, check out their page at for more information!


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