by Mr. Sunil Hasmukharay & Mr. Zamri Abdullah

Uncertainty, instability, and self-doubt were typical scenarios in students’ lives as they embarked on their new adventure as college students. It is aggravated by the fact that the coronavirus outbreak has severely impacted their education and career aspirations. With that, TVEX3.0 has organised Career Exploration Day where students can seek information and knowledge on the future work life as well as the career choices available in the corporate world.  Mr. Sunil Hasmukharay emphasises goal clarity as the most crucial component in keeping one engaged in their profession in the “Build Your Career Roadmap” lesson. Once a clear goal has been established, students should concentrate on honing their talents. Knowing oneself first, investigating alternatives, charting a path forward, and laying the basis are ways to begin exploring one’s profession. Character, Attitude, and Traits are the three most important aspects of one’s career (CAT). On top of that, the speaker also urged the audiences to prioritise expanding their soft skills in university as it is a vital element that provides sparks to their personal growth towards their graduation.

Mr. Zamri Abdullah from the Technopreneurship office continued the second module – “Design Your Future”, which breaks down the future into three components: Leveraging skill and talent, Designing our sense of purpose, and Soul Assessment. He emphasises using students’ abilities and specific skills to serve the community in leveraging skill and talent. In addition, students must work on their interpersonal skills to achieve a sense of purpose among their peers. This is accompanied by the introductory of a Japanese concept of purpose, which is ‘Ikigai’. He concluded the session with “Soul Assessment,” which is concerned with one’s understanding of oneself and measuring one’s entrepreneurial strengths and shortcomings.

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