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by Hartalega


Sharing is caring! How does sharing on LinkedIn get yourself LIT in the eyes of a recruiter? Mr. Amir Sharifuddin, Senior Executive of Human Resources at Hartalega gave great insights on being a star on LinkedIn.

Hartalega is one of the leading OEM glove manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia and globally. This company is growing tremendously, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic due to the high demand in gloves. The mission of Hartalega is to deliver the best protection to people that work with their hands in exposed and challenging environments. Mr Amir started his talk by sharing about the awards won by Hartalega, and their interesting wellness program, Hartagize available at Hartalega.

He emphasized that people should select a profile picture that clearly shows your face, and the outfit should be professional or work-related. Most importantly, a big smize (smile with eyes) could show your positivity. He recommended participants to use designing platforms like Canva with dozens of beautiful templates to design their background image and it would be best if it is related to the company’s aspiration. The ‘Headline’ section should be interesting, with crucial and short and important words, which show your personality and skills, but avoid adding too many technical terms which may be hard to understand. Mr Amir gave good examples for the ‘Summary’ section that should include your brief education background, projects that you have joined and worked on and extra-curricular activities (sports, competition, music band and etc.). Feel free to add any skill you have learnt or are currently learning, experiences and even your part time job that allows people to have an overview on your personality and personal life aside from working.

Mr Amir explained that LinkedIn is also a social media platform but caters more to career development and connecting with professionals from all fields. How do you expand your connections? The most convenient way is to connect with your friends, lectures and follow recruiters and companies. Broadening connections on LinkedIn increases the chance of people, especially recruiters to notice you and view your profile. You are an introvert, do not like to join many activities? No problem! You still stand a chance to be employed, as different people have different styles of living. Put more emphasis on the things you like, and connect with more people with similar interest with you.

Mr Amir encouraged participants to write posts of any event that you have joined or related post that shows your strengths and interests. Your friends and connections on LinkedIn matters as they could endorse your experiences, skills and the posts you have shared. After that, all you need to do is just to update and refresh your content regularly.

Now that you have got all the tips, go ahead and organize your LinkedIn profile right now! Still do not have one? Create your account on LinkedIn for free!


To connect with Mr. Amir on LinkedIn, search ‘Amir Sharifuddin’ or click here. To get to know more updates about Hartalega, follow Hartalega on LinkedIn or head over to their official website,


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